The Asia Low Carbon Buildings Transition (ALCBT)

15 Aug 2023 to 14 Aug 2028


Buildings and space cooling is the main driver for the growing future electricity demand and rising GHG emissions in Asia. The project addresses regulatory, capacity and financing gaps that prevent large scale adoption of low carbon buildings. The project will develop technical and institutional capacity for city/state governments. To transform existing and new buildings towards carbon neutrality by 2050, the project will focus on enhancing capacity to achieve regional and national ambition and targets for low carbon buildings, with policy recommendations. It will establish common metrics (taxonomy/MRV system) and central registry for certified buildings. Through building certification and business model innovation, the project will try to mobilize public and private finance. To raise awareness and promote replication locally and globally, the project will share best practices and showcase successes.

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Energy Efficiency Services Limited – EESL
Locations: Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Haryana
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