Climate Smart Cities

01 Jun 2018 to 30 Nov 2022


Dynamic urbanization, rapid population growth, and changing consumer and mobility behavior are posing challenges to India’s urban infrastructure. As key sources of greenhouse gas emissions, cities play an important role in national climate protection policy. However, local capacities are not yet sufficient to efficiently implement local climate strategies and urban development projects with a climate impact. The project anchored climate-friendly solutions in the planning and implementation of projects under the Indian government’s Smart Cities Programme. It provided advice to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), cities, and states on climate-friendly infrastructure and urban development, the development of competencies of city administrations and training institutions, and network formats. Furthermore, the project supported the German-Indian policy dialogue on climate-friendly urban development. Overall, the project contributed to the achievement of national climate targets and urban Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Project Lead: Ernst Doering