Development of National Framework for Electronic People's Biodiversity Registers in India

01 Oct 2023 to 30 Sep 2026


Safeguarding biodiversity and ecosystems is crucial to meet the demands for food, medicine, fuel, and water, as well as to provide livelihood security. The project contributes to India’s growing efforts to conserve biodiversity and recognizes its intrinsic links to traditional knowledge for the well-being of people. It supports the development and operationalization of a National Electronic People’s Biodiversity Register (e-PBR) Framework to strengthen the implementation of fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from the use of bio-resources at the local level. Following the development of the national e-PBR framework through a consultative process, the project will support two Indian states in its implementation through the involvement of State Biodiversity Boards and Local Biodiversity Management Committees. Further measures to strengthen the institutional and technical capacities of the target groups for the preparation and effective use of e-PBRs will be implemented.

Project Partners Link
National Biodiversity Authority (NBA)
Locations: Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu
Project Lead: Ravindra Singh
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