Integration of Renewable Energies into the Indian Electricity System (I-RE)

01 Dec 2014 to 31 Jan 2023


Despite ambitious targets, the development of renewable energies in India has so far fallen short of the government’s expectations. Decentralized Photovoltaic (PV) installations, especially on roofs, have a particularly high potential in the solar electricity generation sector. The project combined climate and energy policies, particularly in urban development. It has supported key climate and energy policy stakeholders (mainly distribution network operators) in the transition to a low-emission energy sector with the aim of achieving the national climate targets and NDCs. The project also developed framework conditions for a decentralized PV energy supply, demonstrating its feasibility by means of a prototype. In addition, the economic and technical advantages of a rapid expansion have clearly been shown, and recommendations to support the expansion of PV rooftop installations have been developed and implemented together with pilot cities in the Indian Smart Cities Programme.

Project Lead: Winfried Damm