Restore Conserve and Protect Forest and Tree Cover for NDC Implementation in India

11 May 2022 to 30 Apr 2029


Owing to socio-economic pressures, 43% of Indian forests are degraded and their ecosystem services (ES) diminished. Restoration potential is enormous, but despite an internationally rare upward trend in forest and tree cover, the latter remains far from the national target and ambitious Bonn Challenge and NDC goals. A lack of capacities to effectively plan, implement, finance and monitor FLR projects hinders translation of policy goals into action. In 4 representative states, The Project therefore enables key actors in robust FLR planning, implementation and MRV. Enhanced capacities of forest departments, linking private sector to markets and creating conducive regulation will lead to the sequestration of 25 MtCO2e by the end of the project. 10 mil. forest-dependent people will benefit from improved forest stewardship and ES. By 2030, RECAP4NDC is expected to trigger transformational change in 2 Mha.
Locations: Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Delhi
Project Lead: Kundan Burnwal