A Compendium of Low Carbon Mobility solutions for Nagpur city

August 24, 2023

Shivani, Tanzeel Allapur

With clean and neat infrastructure for curbing the problems of traffic and congestion, Nagpur Corporation sanctioned the construction of flyovers but the city lacks basic rights for pedestrians. Insights from the workshop focused on the absence of footpaths in the city, their encroachment from different stakeholders, and the lack of overall considerations for pedestrians and cyclists. Nagpur has only 11 buses per lakh population, far behind 60 buses per lakh population as laid by MoHUA. An interactive and engaging conversation also stressed upon the nexus of public transport and shared mobility, the political economy for transportation and mobility of Nagpur is more oriented towards private vehicles and planning catering to the automobile industry. Read the following compendium to know more about the phase 1 workshop at Nagpur.